Payout Services

Oversee your all business Payments Payout with Speedypay Dashboard and Payout API

Disburse funds instantly to any bank account and UPI ID using our API’s , Dashboard or Excel file

Speedypay automates your payment procedures and manages the complexities of fund transfer and compliance, decrease the chances of human error. Speedypay allows you to send money to multiple bank accounts at the same time from anywhere in the world. and makes an excellent vendor Payouts, Payout service available throughout India


Making fund transfers hassle free
Automize fund transfer with Speedypay

Make payouts easily through your dashboard.

Integrate and launch our Payout API within hours.

Initiate Bulk Payout by uploading an excel file.

Easy reconciliation on single E-dashboard.

No cool off period between adding beneficiaries and making payouts.

Account Verification and UPI validation before initiating any payouts.

Payout API Solutions

E-Commerce Platform

  • Smooth and easy settlement in the marketplace.
  • Speedy refunds to customers .
  • Make Payouts to vendors.


  • Salary disbursements to employees on time.
  • Disburse reimbursements to employees anytime .
  • Employee incentives paid directly through Speedypay Payouts.

Vendor Management

  • Disburse funds against invoicest.
  • Easy Reconciliation .
  • Single dashboard for all incites.